Last week two readings from the Corpath Green Guide, A Guide to Prayer (pp. 371ff) hit me where I live and caused me to rethink the anxiety that I allow to come into my prayer life. I hope they challenge you to approach your prayer life from a more quiet perspective as they challenged me.

One reason we have difficulty praying is that we are unable to quiet down enough to become sensitive to the movements of the Spirit. This usually happens because we have been living our lives at too fast of a pace. Rushing from one activity to the next, we lose touch with the Spirit.

We are not moving against the Spirit in a sinful way, but we are not allowing the Spirit to infuse our activities, enabling us to perform them in peace and joy. Finding ourselves anxious and worried both about the result of our work and about getting it all finished within the allotted time, we come to prayer restless and find it almost impossible to quiet our minds in a way that allows us to be sensitive to the movements of the Spirit. Since we cannot allow the Spirit to bring us to the Lord, we began composing our own monologue to the Lord, expressing our own needs and concerns, often in a rushed and rather compulsive way. It often seems that we could be using our time more effectively by skipping prayer and finishing the work we left undone.

Prayer will remain difficult until we develop a rhythm of life that enables us to work in tune with the Spirit, thus experiencing the peace and joy that flows from the Spirits presence. If we are living in tune with the Spirit during the day, it is easy to allow the Spirit to unite us to the Lord during prayer.

From In His Spirit by Richard J Hauser

The action of those whose lives are given to the Spirit has in it something of the leisure of eternity; and because of this, they achieve far more than those whose lives are enslaved by the rush and hurry, the unceasing tick-tick of the world.

In the Spiritual life, it is very important to get our timing right. Otherwise, we tend to forget that God, who is greater than our heart, is greater than our job as well. It’s only when we have learned all that this means that we possess the key to the Kingdom of Heaven.

From The Spiritual Life by Evelyn Underhill

[If you missed the annual prayer breakfast – I believe you will benefit by watching Preston Manning’s address. The video and a PDF of the text of his talk may be found below:]

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