Sometimes as business leaders we are so caught up in the demands of business that we become, “..wholly occupied by the world’s passing show…”  as John Baillie puts it.  I urge you to include the prayer below in your devotions this week as a way of refocusing your attention each day.

Help me, O Lord God, not to let my thoughts today be wholly occupied by the world’s passing show.

In your loving kindness you have given me the power to lift my mind to contemplate the unseen and eternal; help me not to remain content only with what I see and feel, here and now. Instead, grant that each day may do something to strengthen my grasp of the unseen world and my sense of the reality of that world.  And so, as the end of my earthly life draws ever nearer, bind my heart to the holy interests of that unseen world, so that I may not grow to be a part of these fleeting earthly surroundings,  but instead grow more and more ready for the life of the world to come.

O Lord, you see and know all things. Give me grace, I pray, to know you so well and to see you so clearly that in knowing you I may know myself as completely as you know me, and in seeing you I may see myself as I really am before you.

Give me today a clear vision of my life in time as it appears in your eternity.

Show me my own smallness and your infinite greatness.

Show me my own sin and your perfect righteousness.

Show me my own lack of love and your exceeding love.


Yet in your mercy show me also how, small as I am, I can take refuge in your greatness; how, sinful as I am, I may lean upon your righteousness.  And how, loveless as I am, I may hide myself in your forgiving love.  Help me today to keep my thoughts centered on the life and death of Jesus Christ my Lord, so that I may see all things in the light of the redemption which you have granted me in his name.  AMEN