Corpath is aimed at enhancing the business, personal and spiritual lives of Christian CEO’s, business owners and high level executive leaders. How you conduct business defines much of who you are and your impact upon others around you. Corpath leads you to realize that you have been given the privilege of operating your business as a follower of Jesus Christ. As stewards of this opportunity, your responsibility is to serve your family and all those the business touches with excellence, integrity and balance, guided by biblical principles.

The time test effectiveness of the Corpath Forum meeting process enables members to grow in their business, personal, and family relationships and spiritual life. It is a transformational small group experience where the peer-led Forum group works through real issues of integrating biblical faith into every aspect of life.

Our Forums meet monthly for 4-5 hours to pursue three main goals:

ONE: Personal spiritual growth of each member in a group. This is the most dramatic and exciting part of the Corpath process. Since Corpath was founded in 2003, we have observed life altering changes in many of our members and this change occurs simply through the process of 6-8 business leaders following the Corpath process.

TWO: For members to reach out to those in their immediate sphere of influence; to their employees, suppliers, customers, families, communities and friends; to be known as leaders of integrity who walk their talk.

THREE: The third goal is much bigger. Senior Christian business leaders have a sphere of influence that go beyond their immediate circle of contacts.  We believe that Corpath, through its individual members, has the potential to have a positive influence on social thought and values in our country.

Corpath is about pursuing excellence in business, life & spirit.