Anyone who has driven a car knows that you need to watch your gauges.  It is especially important to watch the gauges that report on the status of three important areas - fuel, amperage, and oil.  Without fuel the car will immediately stop.  If amperage is low the battery will eventually drain and the engine will cease firing.  If oil is low, lubrication will cease and the engine will eventually seize up and quit.  Therefore, all three of these gauges must be monitored to keep them in the plus side of the safe operating zone in order for the automobile to operate efficiently and successfully.

In like manner, we at Corpath have noticed that to maintain well rounded business success the business person must be constantly monitoring three important areas or gauges.  To follow the analogy, we may call these the business gauge, the personal/family gauge and the spiritual gauge.  If any one of these areas is neglected and allowed to fall into the negative or red zone, business success will eventually stop.  The goal of the Corpath Forum process is to help you keep these life gauges out of the red zone of danger.  A brief description of the monitoring of these three areas is included below.


Success in business for the Christian must not be measured by monetary means alone.  In the light of eternity, success also involves excellence in how employees are cared for, how suppliers and customers are treated, how tax issues are handled and how profits are stewarded.  At Corpath, we believe that approaching business issues in a God-honouring way not only ensures success from an eternal perspective but also provides a competitive advantage in the here and now. The Corpath Forum process provides a trustworthy, confidential atmosphere that has an emphasis on building business expertise through the advice and experience of a group of their business peers.


The demands of business can sometimes be so all consuming that it can lead to imbalance and a deterioration of an individual’s personal and family life. This imbalance can lead to health issues if exercise, vacation time and personal care are sacrificed due to the mistaken belief that "next year things will slow down". If your personal/family relationship gauge is trending toward the red zone as a result of your efforts to "grow the business", you may eventually be celebrated as a success in the business arena but it could come at great cost of failing to maintain your most important relationships. The Corpath Forum process provides accountability and encouragement to maintain the health of the individual’s personal life, and family relationships with spouse, children, and loved ones.


How does the Bible speak to the marketplace today? Is there a Christian way to do business that is honouring to God? Is participating in business a calling? At Corpath, we believe the answers to these and other spiritual questions raised by Christian business people are best discovered in a small community of business peers who meet in a trusting, confidential environment on a regular basis. The Corpath Forums practice a non-denominational, non-judgmental approach to exploring these spiritual questions and keeping the 'spiritual gauge’ in positive territory. The focus is on personal spiritual growth and learning what the Bible says about business.