“We see leaders of influence in the marketplace, transformed by Christ, so that they become leaders of impact for the kingdom of God.”


To see robust Corpath Forums transforming the lives of hundreds of business leaders across Canada.


Individual – To foster the personal spiritual growth of each member in a group.  This is the most dramatic and exciting part of the Corpath process.  Over the years, we have observed life altering changes in many of our members. This change occurs simply through the process of 6 – 10 business leaders meeting monthly and following the Corpath process.

Community – To encourage our members to reach out to those in their immediate sphere of influence. To act in a Christ-like manner to their employees, suppliers, customers, families, communities and friends. To be known as leaders of integrity who walk their talk.

Society – The third goal is much bigger. Senior Christian business leaders have a sphere of influence that goes beyond their immediate circle of contacts. We believe that Corpath, through its individual members, has the potential to have a positive influence on social thought and values in our country.