Our name Corpath combines the latin root word ‘Cor’ with the English word ‘path’.  ‘Cor’ has two root meanings. First, it stands for the heart of something, as the core of our planet is the very heart or centre of it.  Second, it has the meaning of a harmonious agreement as in an ‘accord’.  Therefore, true to our name, Corpath Forums address issues that are at the heart of business and personal success.  In addition, we seek to guide our members down the “path” to harmonious agreement upon these “core” aspects of business, personal and spiritual commitment.

Corpath Forums of 6 – 10 business people gather once a month for the main purpose of keeping our members strong in these three core areas.


The Corpath Forum process involves a trustworthy, confidential atmosphere that has an emphasis on building business expertise through the advice and experience of a group of their business peers.


The Corpath Forum process seeks to offer accountability and encouragement to maintain the health of the individual’s personal life & family relationships with spouse, children and loved ones.


The Corpath Forums practice a non-denominational, non-judgmental approach to exploring spiritual questions.  The focus is on personal spiritual growth and learning what the Bible says about business.