Member Committee Chair

Ed currently serves with Opportunity International Canada as the Director of Philanthropy (Alberta); as a small business owner of XP4U; and as an Associate Coach with Essential Impact. The golden thread through all three of these areas of service is a coach approach to empower people in their strengths, expand their capacity and build off of their resiliency to change their lives, their families and their communities. 

Through working with a wide range of clients, from executives and boards in both the corporate and non-profit sectors to entrepreneurs and academics, Ed offers both experience and knowledge in effective leadership, creative communication and strategic thinking. As an executive coach trainer, Ed has helped develop over 500 leaders to gain and utilize coaching skills to become more effective leaders.

It has always been Ed’s passion to be a part of meaningful long term change for those living in poverty. He has done this through serving with an NGO in China and through pastoral ministry. Ed has served on a Homelessness Task Force and Changing the Face of Poverty group in several cities, opened extreme weather shelters in Burnaby and Kamloops in BC and has given leadership to homeless counts in Burnaby and Kamloops. 

In his free time, Ed enjoys cycling, hospitality and being a foodie with his wife, Hannah, and three kids.