1. Invest in upcoming entrepreneurs
  2. Leverage experience and knowledge for the benefit of Mentee
  3. Receptive to reverse mentoring through being inspired and informed of upcoming business trends from Mentees


  1. Increase exponentially on business acumen
  2. Gain vision and perspective for entrepreneurial success
  3. Offer reverse mentoring through inspiring and informing Mentor on current technology and business trends

Requirements: Both attend orientation luncheon to clarify boundaries

Mentors (Corpath Members):

  1. Be full fledged Corpath Member in good standing
  2. Available to meet once per month for an agreed upon time with a 3-month check in
  3. Experience in being a Mentor previously

Mentees (Accelerator Forum members):

  1. Committed to meeting once per month for an agreed upon time
  2. Responsible for coordinating meetings with Mentor and putting together the agenda
  3. Understand and agreed to not use the relationship for business or business networking