“But as for me, I will look to the Lord, I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.” (Micah 7:7 NIV)

Whether it is to discern the right approach to a key business decision, or a family matter, or a significant life decision – most of us desire to know God’s will and direction for our day to day life.  I have heard many sermons and teachings on discerning God’s will and always listen keenly because it is a life passion of mine to try and live in accordance with God’s will.  Author Rueben Job challenged me to consider that if I desire to know God’s direction, I must give my relationship to Him preference over all else in my life.  I commend his thoughts to you this week:

“According to the final verses of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus met the disciples to give them direction and the promise of his presence.  The Bible is filled with stories of people who received direction from God.  Through the centuries, faithful disciples have discovered some essential qualities for the life and stance that permits us to receive God’s direction.

Practicing a preference for God and God’s will is the place to begin.  That means putting God ahead of all else in our list of priorities.  This is not only the way to receive direction but also the way to a joyful and faithful walk with God every day.  Preference for God profoundly affects our lives.  We not only receive direction but find our lives transformed as we learn to turn to God and seek to walk with God.

This kind of companionship with God leads to a life of trust and confidence in God that permits us to receive and respond to God’s whisper of direction.  Do you want to live increasingly in God’s presence, receive God’s direction, and walk in God’s presence?  Begin practicing a presence for God and you will discover a growing capacity to receive and respond to God’s direction in your life.”  [Corpath Devotional Green Guide, p.205]


  • How will you have to adjust your priorities today and this week to give preference to God?
  • Test God in this, see if you begin to hear him more clearly as you give him preference in your daily priorities.

Corpath – John Wiseman