"It’s about personal development. It’s about business excellence and sharing with a group of peers. In fact, there's a competitive advantage in the marketplace for you to be able to get all this great advice from a group of peers in business." - Dale Hodgson

"Corpath really comes to grip with, and provides a forum for, integrating faith with business which is, I think, where it's at." - Preston Manning

"There are few places I can get to know someone well enough for them to challenge me in all the important spheres of my life. My Corpath Forum provides me with relationships where I can be encouraged, held accountable and mentored by others who, like me, have felt alone in their leadership role. Also, the Forum as a whole has provided relevant insights to the business and spiritual dimensions of the major decisions that I face in business." - Alex Baum

"They are just some of the most loving, wonderful, accepting, non-judgmental people that I could ever have imagined. Right from the get go, it was a supportive environment. Even if you have doubts about your faith, or you’re not sure about a situation, you know you can come to this group and share things that are going to remain in that room." - Bill Pringle

Christopher Primeau - Communications Committee Chair
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Karl Gartly
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