Sometimes God speaks to us in rather unconventional ways.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about three-legged dogs.  We’ve all seen a disfigured canine. Usually, it is missing a back leg, but that doesn’t stop Fido from chasing rabbits, fetching balls, or soiling the neighbor’s lawn!

Recently I saw a video of a little dog missing both its rear appendages.  It was happily strolling down the sidewalk, thanks to its owner who had ingeniously manufactured a wagon with only two back wheels into which the happy dog was strapped.  And away it joyously ran with its two front legs tearing up the path!

“Lego” is the name of my son’s three-legged rescue dog.

She lost a leg as a young puppy in Iran when a donkey stepped on its right hind leg.  Just a stub is left.  But you wouldn’t believe how incredibly muscular Lego’s remaining rear leg is.

Here’s a link for you to catch a glimpse of Lego, the three-legged, part Russian Wolf Hound enjoying a gentle run at the dog park – ‘Lego the three-legged rescue

Lego spent a delightful week with us this summer.  She is a powerful animal, and during our late night walks we could hardly restrain her from breaking free and doing what every dog wants to do – chase down the neighbourhood rabbit.

So what’s a three-legged dog have to do with a Corpath moment of spiritual reflection?

Do you remember the insightful quote from C. S. Lewis,

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain.”

In an unexpected way, Lego has become God’s powerful megaphone for me.  When I see her run, she becomes a living metaphor reminding me of how God rescues, redeems and delights in me, and in each one of us, even though our lives have been disfigured by the universal scourge of sin.

Once, Lego was destined for the ash-heap of history, actually for the depths of a cold river, as her original owner had no use for a disfigured three-legged beast and planned to drown the young pup.

But then a true lover of dogs intervened and persuaded Lego’s owner to let her rescue this wounded, three-legged creature.

Motivated by compassion she nursed and raised Lego.  And when she could no longer look after Lego, our son and daughter-in-law partnered with an international dog rescue organization who arranged for an international flight to bring Lego to her new home in Vancouver.

This living dog metaphor powerfully reminds me of how Christ, the lover of our wounded souls, has rescued and nurtured us to spiritual health and happiness.

The Apostle Paul talks about how Christ has,

            “…rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the    Son he loves.”  (Colossians 1:13) 

And in the kingdom of Christ not only have we been rescued from the penalty and power of sin, but we are daily nurtured and sustained by his indwelling Spirit, his favourable grace, his empowering Word, and his community of the saints, including Corpath.

It can get uncomfortable for Lego to bend over and eat food while standing on one hind leg.  And so her carpenter neighbours built Lego a beautiful eating bench, and now Lego can enjoy her daily meals in comfort.

God is like that…building into our lives all that sustains us for abundant life and joyful service to him.

Lego will always be marred by her painful moment years ago.  And like her, we too in this life will bear the ongoing scars of hurts and wounds that may never leave us.

But, “God who is rich in mercy” (Ephesians 2:4) never gives up on us.

He’s in the rescue business.  He’s in the restoration business.

He’s making “Lego’s” out of all of us.

Smile, and enjoy the week.